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You Might as Well Plot It

You Might as Well Plot It I admit it, before I hated outlining what I was going to write. Sometimes I still do. The reason is because as we write we come to the understanding that we typically flow away from the outline even if it does give us some sense of where we are going […]

5 Friendly Places to Get Your Writing Done

Sometimes with all of the hustle and bustle going on with life and all of the household chores that I constantly find myself doing, I have to say enough is enough and drag my butt out of the house to a different spot to write. As easy as that may sound as you picture yourself […]

Guest Blog: Know Your Character Deeply in One Step: The Backdoor

Know Your Character Deeply in One Step: The Backdoor. This is an excellent blog post for those hard to get at characters that really need your attention. Check it out! Even if you think you have your character all figured out, this may surprise you. Take a look at theme, motivation, and ask yourself ‘why?’ […]

I’m too Busy: Avoidance by Writers

I’m guilty of it too, and I feel safe to say that we’ve all done it. We’re going about our day and whenever we think about how our novel or story is going we just sit there and say ‘I’m to busy to write.” Now, there are those days were we certainly are. We’re out […]

Let Researching be Fun! Novels/Papers

Research. Moan. Groan. Research is one of my absolute favorite parts of writing because it is the part that a lot of writers and students moan and groan about. ‘We hate it’ the students say, ‘It takes too long’, ‘it’s too tedious’ or my favorite, ‘I never need it’. Whether you’re starting out to work on […]

Are You Going to Read This Post? – Conflict

That’s the conflict I’m giving you. And I give it to you for a reason because it helps you learn something about yourself by making a decision. There are people who skim things, people who look over things that aren’t interesting right away, and there are people who try to expand themselves for betterment by […]

Writing: It Starts with a Conversation

When someone asks me what I like to do I always give them the generic response: Reading and Writing. This is because it is ingrained into us to be brief and to the point, giving just enough to leave someone with a similarly generic idea of who we are. We have even come to the […]