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Planning a Writing Retreat

It started out as just an idea to go stay in a cabin in the mountains or at the lake to get some writing done. From there, it evolved into our writing retreat. My two friends and I always talked about staying in a place to do this, but it had just been talk for […]

5 Friendly Places to Get Your Writing Done

Sometimes with all of the hustle and bustle going on with life and all of the household chores that I constantly find myself doing, I have to say enough is enough and drag my butt out of the house to a different spot to write. As easy as that may sound as you picture yourself […]

TTWA: Writing an Emergency Room Visit for your Character

Writers are always told to write from experience, because that is where our best writing comes from, and that’s true. If we’ve ever lost someone that we love, it is easier for us to put that pain and healing onto the page for our beloved character. If we’ve ever won something or achieved something that […]

Blog Tour :The Writing Process

The wonderfully talented Liz Carlton, author of “The Royal Rogue” invited me to join in on a blog tour a little while ago. This blog tour involves answering four questions about my writing process, so please enjoy! Elizabeth Carlton is a fantasy author from Naples, Florida. She began her career six years ago as a […]

I’m too Busy: Avoidance by Writers

I’m guilty of it too, and I feel safe to say that we’ve all done it. We’re going about our day and whenever we think about how our novel or story is going we just sit there and say ‘I’m to busy to write.” Now, there are those days were we certainly are. We’re out […]

Painting Bare Wood and the Rules of Writing

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” – W. Somerset Maugham We’ve heard it so many times as we scour the internet for help with writing, ideas, research, and, hey, pinterest too, but what are you to do when you’re hobby and career is one in which […]

You can’t write it: Breaking Gender Roles

You can’t write a male character, you’re a female. Your female character is all wrong, men just can’t write us right. I bet you’ve heard some form of these statements at one point or another, maybe felt strongly about how wrong or right they were, but the truth is, this is something that is a legitimate […]

Let Researching be Fun! Novels/Papers

Research. Moan. Groan. Research is one of my absolute favorite parts of writing because it is the part that a lot of writers and students moan and groan about. ‘We hate it’ the students say, ‘It takes too long’, ‘it’s too tedious’ or my favorite, ‘I never need it’. Whether you’re starting out to work on […]

Tattoos in Modern Writing: What they say about characters.

We’ve all seen them, marked finely in little details, bold lines, or colorful pictures. Tattoo’s are the way many people show an individual side of themselves with a piece of artwork permanently on their bodies. They can be something as simple as a butterfly on the ankle or a wild tribal on the shoulder blade, […]

A Little Secret: Finding Ideas for Writing

Now that springtime is here there is something that pulls at many of our souls. It says, “I want to get outside.” But we have things that need to be done. We have a certain amount of words that we need to get onto the page. And we come up with reason upon reason that […]