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Planning a Writing Retreat

It started out as just an idea to go stay in a cabin in the mountains or at the lake to get some writing done. From there, it evolved into our writing retreat. My two friends and I always talked about staying in a place to do this, but it had just been talk for […]

6 Easy Ways to Find Great Writing Ideas

I’ve been to a lot of different book talks or author discussions and one of the most common questions that I’ve noticed that people ask is the “Where do you get your ideas?” whopper. But this isn’t really a bad question, is it? You want to write but you just can’t think of the right idea […]

Writing on Coincidence

Usually when I have ideas for my writing turning over in my head I feel the need to go for a walk, so I pace through different rooms of the house. Admittedly, this often ends up with me finding things to snack on that I shouldn’t and getting into little cleaning sprees or projects, but […]

Tattoos in Modern Writing: What they say about characters.

We’ve all seen them, marked finely in little details, bold lines, or colorful pictures. Tattoo’s are the way many people show an individual side of themselves with a piece of artwork permanently on their bodies. They can be something as simple as a butterfly on the ankle or a wild tribal on the shoulder blade, […]

A Little Secret: Finding Ideas for Writing

Now that springtime is here there is something that pulls at many of our souls. It says, “I want to get outside.” But we have things that need to be done. We have a certain amount of words that we need to get onto the page. And we come up with reason upon reason that […]

The Challenge of Writing

One of the hardest things about writing is knowing when to start and to make yourself keep going. Writers often face many questions from “What should I write my novel about?” to “Will this be worth the time I’m putting in to it?”, “Why am I not writing?”, “Why do I make excuses?” I think […]