5 Friendly Places to Get Your Writing Done

Photo by Trevor

Photo by Trevor

Sometimes with all of the hustle and bustle going on with life and all of the household chores that I constantly find myself doing, I have to say enough is enough and drag my butt out of the house to a different spot to write. As easy as that may sound as you picture yourself sitting in a coffee shop sipping on the drink-of-the-day, it turns out it’s not always that easy.

There are a lot of places that are less writer-friendly than others. Some of the most popular chain stores would rather you not lounge around all day. Some even say something to you if you decide to! Others quietly get rid of the number plugs placed around the walls. Each store is different, but it’s always great to know where you can go to get some chapters cranked out comfortably. I’ll share a few of them that I’m familiar with, but I’d love to hear from everyone reading where they’ve found themselves or someone else typing up a storm in public!


1. The Library

I know this is pretty classic, but at least the libraries near me have really taken hold of work space for everyone to use. Some libraries even have entire rooms dedicated to computers and tables that people can come in and work at. If you’re lucky, there will even be bright colored squishy chairs placed in appropriate positions.

In contrast to that, I have seen libraries that are far from writer-friendly. Especially large branch libraries where your time limit on the computers are excruciating or smaller ones where they just haven’t thought of adding that wi-fi connection yet.

2. Barnes & Noble

Large bookstores are a maybe, but some Barnes & Nobles have these wonderful little cafes in them and they are usually filled with people working on their computers from business men and women to writers. Typically I purchase a drink or a snack since I am using their space (this is a good use of courtesy no matter where you are), but I’ve never been bothered and the atmosphere is already book-lover friendly.

3. Some Cafes

There are some Cafe’s that are still writer-friendly and sometimes they can be unique and wonderful finds for your travel diaries as well. Cedar Grove Coffee House in Shepherdsville, Kentucky is one of those places right off the expressway that you just have to check out. They sell local art here, have a little gift shop, and offer delicious sandwiches, soup, and other foods! They even Cater! But it is a very nice atmosphere for getting writing done if you aren’t distracted by all of the neat characteristics.

Look different cafes up, you’ll be surprised how many are around. You’ll just have to explore to see which one suits you best.

4. McAlister’s Deli

This is one of my favorites because I often go here to hang out with my writer friends. You get endless refills and the food is light like bread bowls, soups, sandwiches, and potatoes. They also have sweets for that sweet tooth you get when writing or when you’re just having a bad day. It’s a great social environment and they usually have good wifi!

5. Parks

Okay, so they might not have wi-fi, but parks are a beautiful way to get twice the writerly work done at once (provided you prepare for the weather and pick a sunny day!) The few times that I’ve had the opportunity to work or read at a park I’ve been amazed at how tranquil and inspiring it is. Not to mention you can do something that writers do best-people watch! Give it a try. It’s worth a little drive. You’ll also find out if there are any cool activities that are coming up.


I will not lie to you, this list was actually a little difficult to make. Despite the need to find quiet places to write or just to get work done, there are still too few options to retreat to unless you’ve found your perfect getaway. So finally, I’m going to add a number 6 to the list.

6. Retreat

The only reason that this didn’t make it into the top 5 is because it does require setting aside some time and money to do, but a group of my writer friends and I set up a little ‘vacation’, if you will, this summer that we called our ‘Writing Retreat’. We booked a cabin on a lake for a week and packed books, resources, and our computers and headed on out. Throughout the week we were allowed to leave only for food and a minor amount of sight-seeing for inspiration. We read more than we had all summer, wrote more, figured out more about our characters–and even ourselves. It was a writing and a mental retreat that all of us needed. Not surrounded by the stress of everyday life or the distractions of the home, we were well rested and doing what we loved-being together-and writing.

Share your stories and ideas!

And don’t forget to keep writing!




  1. The Retreat sounds really nice…
    Could you write something on that? Like how you organized it, if you discussed your progress, what goals you had and so forth…
    I myself somehow end up filling my vacations with travel and don’t have much time to read or write – except when I’m waiting for someone to wake up or get ready…

    Other than that have I somehow adapted a weird writing habit…
    Each morning and evening I have to take the bus to get to work and back to my place, so when I’m not reading or letting my thoughts drift, I get my block out and write my thoughts down.
    I have a project where we write stories for pictures, so I create a document with the picture and my first thoughts and then print it out to take it with me, to complete whenever I feel like it, which is by now mostly done in the bus. Depending on how full it is I just plug in my headphones and I do no longer care about all the noise around me.

    Only downside to this: You have to type what you wrote and it is by far not the final version, especially if you want to reach a certain word count.
    (I recently realised that through this method I by now have 17 stories/things and several chapters for my Advent Calendar I still have to type…)

    1. I love post suggestions, and I would love to write up a post for you like that. Great idea, thank you. Sometimes the best way for writers to get work done is on the way to and from work, the bus is no different, and I commend you for all your written words! A friend of mine, (https://overcoatpockets.wordpress.com/), has notebooks filled with handwritten work that she is still trying to copy over. It’s a daunting task, but I think it helps you really take a look at what you’ve been writing, edit it well as you transfer it, and just get writing done. Sometimes it’s a hassle to get the computer out.

      Keep writing! I love seeing your posts and comments!

      1. Thank you for both taking up the suggestion and the compliment, I’m glad if someone likes what I write. 🙂
        I was quite surprised myself when I counted, what I still need to type…I knew it was quite a bit but not that much…
        As I want to publish the stuff on the Blog or on other platforms I kind of need to type it, but as you said: Getting out the computer is a hassle sometimes or in other words: Actually using the computer for typing isn’t easy… 😀

        Now I’ll go check out her Blog. 🙂

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