Monthly Archives: February 2014

Let Researching be Fun! Novels/Papers

Research. Moan. Groan. Research is one of my absolute favorite parts of writing because it is the part that a lot of writers and students moan and groan about. ‘We hate it’ the students say, ‘It takes too long’, ‘it’s too tedious’ or my favorite, ‘I never need it’. Whether you’re starting out to work on […]

Are You Going to Read This Post? – Conflict

That’s the conflict I’m giving you. And I give it to you for a reason because it helps you learn something about yourself by making a decision. There are people who skim things, people who look over things that aren’t interesting right away, and there are people who try to expand themselves for betterment by […]

Writing on Coincidence

Usually when I have ideas for my writing turning over in my head I feel the need to go for a walk, so I pace through different rooms of the house. Admittedly, this often ends up with me finding things to snack on that I shouldn’t and getting into little cleaning sprees or projects, but […]

Books are our Greatest Weapons: A Personal Story

In 1990 there was a child born whose love of books was nurtured by her mother. Books, she was told, could take her away, be her escape. Books were able to take her through journeys in other worlds, different planets, even around the United States. They allowed her to be whomever she wanted to be, […]