Monthly Archives: July 2012

Novelizing “Magic Mike”

I know this is going to draw in more women than men, but this is such a very brilliant example of what I want to show you about writing. There are (major) spoilers to the movie ahead, so please proceed at your own caution. Now, when I went into the theaters with my friend to […]

A Novel Idea

You’re walking through the mall or the bus station, driving your car, at school, at work, feeding your kids, or whatever you happen to be doing, and all of a sudden something hits you. Hey, that would make a good novel idea. You rush to write it on a napkin or think it over and […]

It’s Hard; Why Do We Do It and How Do We Keep Doing It?

There is a reason, I’ve discovered, that there are so many webpages devoted to helping writers get published, break writers block, build characters, plot, and setting, manage time, come up with prompts, get inspired, and even get the secrets of successful novel writing. This reason, is because novel writing, and writing in general, is hard. […]

How RPing Helped Me Get a Start in Publishing

To those of you who know what rping is, you might be thinking, “That’s awesome! I’ve been rping for years.” Or, “I need to start/I just started.” For those of you who do not know what rping is, that basically stands for “Role-playing” and not the general role-play that children do, but online role-play. You may have run across sites […]